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Calibration product quality and conformance

When you're investing in a crucial calibration system, you can't take the risk of it not delivering the results you need.

When you purchase a laser or ballbar system from Renishaw, you are buying into a proven track record of assured quality.

Many Renishaw users worldwide can testify to the performance and reliability in use of their Renishaw lasers and ballbars. The performance has also been verified by many national standards laboratories. Systems operate 'out of box' and continue to do so with minimal repairs over the years.

ISO 9001

Renishaw's quality assurance system and procedures are audited for compliance with ISO 9001, the internationally recognised standard for quality management systems. Renishaw's certificate of registration to EN ISO 9001 is issued by BSI Management Systems and carries the UKAS accreditation logo.

This is your assurance that not only does Renishaw operate procedures to the ISO standard, but that the company has been audited and certified by a competent, UKAS accredited, organisation. UKAS accreditation is recognised in many countries worldwide by the relevant national body in that country.

Please refer to Application note: Quality assurance for further details.

Calibration certificates

The QC20 ballbar, XK10 alignment laser, XM-60 multi-axis calibrator, XL-80 laser, XC-80 compensator and XR20 rotary axis calibrator are supplied with comprehensive calibration certificates.

Each individual product certificate includes:

  • A description of the calibration process
  • Traceability data (artefacts used and calibration details)
  • Uncertainty of measurement
  • Test results in tabular and graphical format
  • Date of calibration test

Each certificate is signed and dated by a Renishaw authorised person.

Certificate of conformity

The XM-60 and XK10 certificate of conformity is unique to each system and is identified by the serial numbers of the components that form the system. It gives details of the published specification that the system has been tested against, and certified to meet. The certificate includes:

  • the date the system was tested
  • the performance specification the system will achieve
  • the uncertainty of measurement

The date of testing and the date of printing the certificate of conformity are separately noted and the results are signed by a Renishaw authorised person.

Product compliance

The corresponding declarations of conformity (DOC) and China RoHS certificates for the QC20 ballbar, XK10 alignment laser, XM-60 multi-axis calibrator, XL-80 laser, XC-80 compensator and XR20 rotary axis calibrator can be found in the product compliance pages.

For any other queries about regulatory compliance, please contact your local Renishaw office.

Product compliance - calibration products

Traceability charts

Renishaw's aim is to deliver the specified accuracy, with full traceability and the confidence that the system will deliver that accuracy day-after-day where it counts, in the workplace. An important element in this is that all lasers, ballbars and rotary calibrators have been calibrated at the Renishaw factory. All reference artefacts are traceable to National Standards and our systems are delivered with a comprehensive calibration certificate. Traceability data for calibrations and recalibrations at Renishaw UK, USA and Germany is defined in the traceability charts.

Traceability charts

Compliance with radio device regulations

Error budget and uncertainty calculations

Product quality documentation