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RenAM 500 Flex

The RenAM 500 Flex is a metal additive manufacturing (AM) system, ideal for R&D applications.

Ready to accelerate your AM journey?

Equipped with an open-loop powder system that allows for quick and easy powder swapping, the RenAM 500 Flex is optimised for research and development applications.

This system is highly efficient in speeding up the qualification of material properties, part design, and process parameters.

Once you've completed part development, it's seamless to transfer all the parameters to other models in the RenAM 500 series for full-scale production.

Scale from lab to volume production with the RenAM 500 Flex

  • The RenAM 500 Flex range features the same industry leading optical, chamber and gas-flow design as the rest of the RenAM 500 series and so produces the same high-quality parts, but with additional flexibility when changing powder.
  • You can quickly change powders in-house, to meet demand, and parameters and material properties transfer seamlessly between systems thanks to the common build environment.

In the lab - material prove out

With the Reduced Build Volume (RBV) accessory fitted, you can perform material prove out with as little as 0.25 litres of powder, with the same processing environment and optics as the full scale production system.

Isolated powder handling eliminates contamination risk, enabling rapid multi-material development.

With Renishaw's open parameter ethos, you can optimise machine settings to suit the material and your specific geometry.

Pre-production - part prove out

With the RenAM 500 Flex, available with one or four lasers, you can access every part of the powder system, enabling streamlined switching between materials. The gravity fed powder system can be topped up during a build without opening the chamber door, and dosing can be adjusted mid-build.

With full build volume capability, the same industry leading gas flow system and precision optics as the rest of the RenAM 500 series, any part development can directly transfer to other RenAM 500 series systems.

Volume manufacturing - productivity focus

With the RenAM 500 series, each stage of the lab to volume production can be performed on a single machine platform and upgraded as your application requires, ensuring a seamless transition to volume manufacturing.

The RenAM 500 series supports Industry 4.0 workflows, with optical and system process monitoring, and connection to Renishaw Central production management software.

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