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inVia: care about your spectra

High quality reliable spectra

First and foremost, inVia is designed to produce high quality Raman spectra. This ensures data are reliable and repeatable, so you can be confident in your results.

With inVia's advanced capabilities, you can determine key information from your sample. Reveal not just Raman bands, but also other features such as photoluminescence bands.

Analyse a wide range of samples

Incredibly versatile, inVia provides the flexibility to analyse the broadest range of samples, with ease.

  • Highly sensitive - study weak Raman scatterers, thin films, and tiny particles
  • Numerous sampling options - study small and large samples with inVia's extensive range of sampling options
  • Optional polarisation kits - for detailed analysis of crystalline samples. Optional polarisation kits orientate or scramble polarisations of both laser and analyser

Get great results

Get the best data with inVia's high resolution.

Simplicity and speed

inVia collects your data quickly and automatically.

  • Highly efficient ‑ designed to get you results quickly
  • Line focus option - reducing laser power density: preventing damage. Keep your signal levels up: get data rapidly
  • Data analysis options ‑ extract the information you need from your spectra with an extensive suite of data analysis options
  • Adjustable spatial resolution ‑ switch, with ease, from sub-micrometre high-resolution measurements to large scale averaging of bulk samples
  • Simple templates ‑ store and reuse complex measurement configurations

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Many aspects of Renishaw's innovative technology are covered by patents