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Introducing the Renishaw Correlate™ software module

07 February 2020

Renishaw introduces its new Correlate™ software module, to combine imaging techniques and maximise the effectiveness of microscopic methods.

Modern laboratories host a variety of different microscope systems which are usually used in isolation. Although they are often viewed separately, many of the techniques are complementary and can be used together to get a better interpretation of your sample. By overlaying images from multiple techniques, a deeper understanding and easier interpretation of multiple microscopy methods is possible. Renishaw's Correlate software module is ideal for analytical scientists who want to combine Raman spectroscopic images with other imaging techniques. It enables the comparison of Raman results with other commonly used microscopes including SEM, fluorescence, AFM, Infra-Red and optical microscopes.

The Correlate module is available as part of the WiRE 5.3 software and can be used with the inVia™ confocal Raman microscope, the Virsa™ Raman Analyser and Renishaw RA800 series. For further information, visit


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